Tales From the Set

February 16, 2009

ALEXANDER LUDWIG stars with “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson in the Disney feature RACE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN opening March 13th

alexander-300x200.jpgAlexander reports from location….in Los Angeles

Nurturing an impressive body of work that encompasses film and television, Alexander Ludwig is positioning himself as one of Hollywood’s most promising young talents as his career continues to evolve with exciting and challenging projects.

Alexander stars in Walt Disney feature film “Race to Witch Mountain”
alongside Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, which opens nationwide on March 13, 2009.  He marked a milestone during the filming of the movie:  he turned 16.  Among his gifts from cast and crew was an acoustic guitar from Dwayne Johnson, also a gifted player.race_to_witch_mountain-202x300.jpg

A Vancouver, British Columbia resident, Alexander entered the entertainment business at age 10 by booking his first ever audition for a television commercial.  Roles in several family films soon followed, including “Eve and the Firehorse,” “MXP: Most Xtreme Primate,” “Air Bud:
World Pup” and “The Sandlot III” to name a few.

Alexander was most recently seen in the thriller “The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising,” starring alongside veteran actors Ian McShane, Frances Conroy and Wendy Crewson.

When not in school or on film sets, Alexander enjoys the outdoors. He spends his free time snow skiing at Whistler Mountain near his home in British Columbia, surfing, water skiing, playing tennis and ice hockey.

Alexander writes from set….. (click ‘more’ tab to read Alexander’s account) more

February 16, 2009

MADGA APANOWICZ signs to join the cast of new BATTLESTAR GALACTICA “prequel”, CAPRICA

Magda began acting at the age of 15 and has never looked back.

After appearing in numerous television series including The Bionic Woman and The L Word, she moved on to TV movies where most recently she starred as Brooke Preston in Hallmark’s Every Second Counts. Prior to the Caprica series Magda landed recurring roles in ABC Family Channel’s Kyle XY and on renegadepress.com, where she has twice been nominated for a Gemini award for her outstanding portrayal of Alex.

In her spare time you may find Magda on the slopes snowboarding or perhaps skydiving & bungee jumping off them! She will take a break from her daredevil activities when she joins the cast of Caprica, and shares the following story with you from the Pilot shoot…

While I was shooting Caprica, we taped for four days at the private room in the V-Club. The set was beautiful and quite elaborate and featured a liquid moat surrounding the entire room. But unfortunately I don’t think anyone gave the lighting a lot of thought. The moat was indistinguishable from the floor and just about everyone on the crew stepped into that thing at least once during our week there.  I always like to take things to a new level, however, so as we were about to shoot an important scene, I was still listening to my iPod as the AD slowly walked me through the room. He had been joking around about some stuff when all of a sudden I heard him yell, “Watch out”. I didn’t react quickly enough and walked straight into the moat, where I slipped and fell face first into the water… iPod, sound mike and all. I easily took top prize amongst the entire Caprica cast and crew for “Best Spill of the Week”.

January 14, 2009

Barry Kennedy returns to Discovery Channel for season 2 of OUT IN THE COLD, premiering January 2009

Barry Kennedy

Join host Barry Kennedy as he embraces freezing temperatures on a cross-country ride from the Yukon tundra to iceberg alley in Newfoundland.  With back-to-back half-hour episodes, the six-part series OUT IN THE COLD premieres on Discovery Channel in January 2009.

Go to discoverychannel.ca for TV listings and info on the show

Advice From the Ice

Midnight. Midwinter. Dawson City, Yukon. Advice is flowing freely. . . .

Opinions come thick and furious in the north, relentless tormenting swarms like the summer blackflies that so clog eyes and nostrils caribou are driven in panicky headlong flight to their deaths. But our four-man crew is bearing up, refusing to bolt. The bar is called The Pit, for all obvious reasons, and serious counsel is on tap. (click ‘more’ tab to continue reading) more

December 2, 2008

What Happens in the Cornfield Stays in the Cornfield…Part Two

UPDATE: -January 2009- KANDYSE MCCLURE is shooting a new FOX series PERSONS UNKNOWN in Mexico City

KANDYSE MCCLURE concludes her report from location in Iowa…Shooting Stephen King’s CHILDREN OF THE CORN

The Lodge has become our home and we have all but taken over. The group tours of folks from Kiwanis and The Ladies Auxiliary smile and give us sideways glances as our chatter drowns out the live piano player at breakfast. We’re always in the hot-tub or chatting in the lobby.  Everyone on the staff knows our names, I half expect there to be a bar called Cheers down the hall.  But, even hanging around hot-tubs and bars can get old and we really just want to get started. Having been here over a week, almost a month for some, we’ve run out of things to buy at Target and are tired of the daily rehearsals and meetings and fittings. Just when  we are all beginning to  get a wicked case of cabin fever, we hear that shooting is about to begin. There’s one little problem though. . . . a tropical storm is off the southern coast of the US and we in Davenport have been under torrential downpour for days. I am under the impression that they’ve accounted for this by negotiating for weather days but I get the call anyway. Wednesday morning, 5am –Interior Thunderbird. We are to do almost 80% of our dialogue in the first two days on camera. Oh boy. (click ‘more’ tab below to continue reading)


October 25, 2008

KANDYSE MCCLURE reports from location in Iowa… shooting Stephen King’s CHILDREN OF THE CORN

kmac_children_of_the_corn.jpgWhat happens in the cornfield stays in the cornfield…Part One

No truer words have ever been spoken, especially when you’re doing a Stephen King remake in the middle of (choice expletive) Iowa. Actually let me just say – Iowa is wonderful in it’s own special way – the people are friendly and unpretentious, stuff is cheap, there are lots of sporting goods stores and Texas Roadhouse makes one of the most amazing rib-eye’s I’ve ever had. Or maybe that was the Jack Daniel’s talking. (click ‘more’ tab to continue reading) more

October 18, 2008


Ben Levine is a manager with top LA management firm Kritzer Levine Wilkins who has worked with Lucas Talent agents and clients for almost 10 years.

So far the new fall television season still seems to be a bit nebulous. Because of the condensed pilot season and writer’s strike last year it seems that everyone was trying to cram things, and they didn’t have the proper time to develop their shows. What we got was a lot of shows that are either retreads like KNIGHT RIDER or 90210 or remakes of shows shot in other countries like THE EX LIST and KATH & KIM. It is estimated that the writer’s strike lost the networks 33% of their business and this is pertaining to the juggernaut shows like: GREY’S ANATOMY and CSI. Yet the television season is business as usual, even though studio feature production is at a stand still. We can thank SAG for that. (click ‘more’ tab to continue reading) more

October 8, 2008

MATT FREWER reports from location in SHANGHAI… shooting WUSHU WARRIOR

UPDATE: January 2009 – MATT FREWER is off to South Africa to film gritty Darfur epic JANJAWEED

UPDATE:  December 2008 – MATT FREWER shoots DR STRASSFIELD with Halle Berry in the upcoming feature film FRANKIE AND ALICE

Matt Frewer is one very busy actor. In 2008 he has two feature films coming out, the lead in action/adventure film Wushu Warrior and Zack Snyder’s (Director of 2006 hit “300”) major Warner Brothers release, The Watchmen. Matt also had the pleasure of appearing in Snyder’s 2004 film Dawn of the Dead that is one of the top-grossing zombie films of all time! His other work on the big screen includes memorable roles like Big Russ Thompson, Rick Moranis’ neighbour in Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, and his nefarious computer genius in Lawnmower Man 2: Beyond Cyberspace.

Gemini award-winning Frewer is also a familiar face on television where recently he has been a series regular on both Eureka (Sci-Fi) and Intelligence (CBC). He starred in three Sherlock Holmes films for Muse Entertainment, CTV and the Odyssey Channel. In addition to his long list of fine comedy and dramatic roles, Frewer will always be remembered for his groundbreaking work, and his creation of pop-culture icon Max Headroom. (click ‘more’ tab to continue reading Matt’s report) more

October 1, 2008

TRICIA HELFER reports from location in MIAMI…shooting BURN NOTICE:

Tricia Helfer should be up for “the hardest workin’ woman in show biz award” as she has been doing triple duty shooting a 2 hour Battlestar Galactica MOW, her new FOX pilot Inseparable and this report comes from Miami where she is in the middle of an “arc” play of USA ‘s Burn Notice where she plays Carla, Michael’s sleek sexy and lethal “handler”. (click ‘more’ tab to continue reading Tricia’s report) more