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December 3, 2008

Justin Louis wins a Gemini Award for his Leading role in DURHAM COUNTY

UPDATE: January 2009 – JUSTIN LOUIS signs to play Colonel Evertt Young in the new STARGATE UNIVERSE series

We are proud to congratulate Justin on his well-earned Gemini Award in the category of “Best Performance by an Actor in a Continuing Leading Dramatic Role” in the critically acclaimed series DURHAM COUNTY.

Just click on the link below and you will see why the Globe and Mail says “Justin Louis does his best work ever here.”

December 2, 2008

What Happens in the Cornfield Stays in the Cornfield…Part Two

UPDATE: -January 2009- KANDYSE MCCLURE is shooting a new FOX series PERSONS UNKNOWN in Mexico City

KANDYSE MCCLURE concludes her report from location in Iowa…Shooting Stephen King’s CHILDREN OF THE CORN

The Lodge has become our home and we have all but taken over. The group tours of folks from Kiwanis and The Ladies Auxiliary smile and give us sideways glances as our chatter drowns out the live piano player at breakfast. We’re always in the hot-tub or chatting in the lobby.  Everyone on the staff knows our names, I half expect there to be a bar called Cheers down the hall.  But, even hanging around hot-tubs and bars can get old and we really just want to get started. Having been here over a week, almost a month for some, we’ve run out of things to buy at Target and are tired of the daily rehearsals and meetings and fittings. Just when  we are all beginning to  get a wicked case of cabin fever, we hear that shooting is about to begin. There’s one little problem though. . . . a tropical storm is off the southern coast of the US and we in Davenport have been under torrential downpour for days. I am under the impression that they’ve accounted for this by negotiating for weather days but I get the call anyway. Wednesday morning, 5am –Interior Thunderbird. We are to do almost 80% of our dialogue in the first two days on camera. Oh boy. (click ‘more’ tab below to continue reading)