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June 17, 2009


Greetings oh dear clients…
How about a little good news for a change?

Thought you would be interested in seeing updates about what this summer is going to look like in Vancouver.

Feature films are lovely, and they bring a very high visibility to the Vancouver market…but as Crawford Hawkins the DGC president says, “The features are the glamour, and the television is the lifeblood of our BC business”….and Ken Anderson the president of IATSE Local 891 states “Series work is the bread and butter for Vancouver.”

So here is the latest on ‘whazzup’ in Vancouver TV-Land


SANCTUARY – Sci-Fi network in season 2.  Dr Helen Magnus (Amanda Tapping) and her
team continue to track and find the monsters that move secretly among us. Casting: Stuart Aikins
STARGATE UNIVERSE – new series with a full season order on the Sci-Fi Channel.  The third show in the live action Stargate franchise and will start airing summer 2009. Casting: Clark & Page
PSYCH – Season 4, a novice sleuth tricks the police into thinking he has psychic powers, and now they’ve hired him to solve complicated crime cases. Casting: Clark & Page
THE TROOP – Nickelodeon series about a covert society group of kids who protect the world from supernatural creatures will begin filming season 1.  Casting: Maureen Webb
EUREKA – Sci-fi Network has green-lit Season 4 but it may start shooting as late as January!  A small town kept secret and guarded from the world is inhabited by only brilliant scientists who work on scientific government advances that usually go awry. Casting: Aikins & Cossey
DEFYING GRAVITY –just finishing first season and the series is looking for a US network home once filming has been completed.  It is to be aired in Canada and on BBC 2 in the UK. Series had VERY little guest cast requirements and may or may not get renewed for a second season… Eight astronauts living aboard an international spacecraft on a mission through the Solar System, as the world watches from thirteen billion kilometres away.  Staring Ron Livingston. Casting Mayrs & Brandstatter


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June 17, 2009


Lucas Literary Agent Doreen Holmes is just back from being both a delegate and a guest participant at the Banff  World Television Festival 2009

The Banff Television Festival – It’s a perfect place to meet new people and catch up with those you don’t see very often – throw in sessions with broadcasters, producers, commissioning editors, master classes, award ceremonies and gawd – this time, pitch sessions in a room full of other agents – cocktail parties and, of course, a grand-slam barbecue complete with not one, but two fire pits, live bands and a cowboy meal served on the biggest darned tin plates I’ve ever seen, while perched amongst Rocky Mountains, and you’ve got a near perfect setting for a focused industry conference.

For some, Banff is a place to pitch projects, or to find projects, to gather information, gain a new perspective on the business, gather new information or market trends, or to find agent representation – I actually had one writer fall to her knees in front of me bowing as though I was some kind of deity (that was a bit odd and rather unnecessary).  I go for many of these reasons, but mostly to foster relationships and try to gain an understanding of who’s looking for what, what kind of projects appeal to a particular person or company and begin the introduction process of our clients to production companies and broadcasters.

So what are producers and broadcasters looking for?  Comedies, dramas, projects that can be shot in Canada, projects that need a co-producer, top writers, new writers, projects with an strong new media component to name a few.  There were less people attending this year (I heard numbers ranging from 900 to 1,200 instead of the normal level of 2,000) and I believe the feeling was slightly more low-key than in the past, but there was still a good representation – program executives, producers, broadcasters, writers, show runners, funders – and so many are looking for good projects – make that great projects – with a fresh voice.  And they are interested in the people who create and work on them!  Ultimately, they all speak to who their market is – who’s watching their programs.

So now, back in Vancouver, my real work begins – following up and nurturing those new relationships, staying in touch with all those folk as I continue to promote our clients and their projects in this ever-changing industry.