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December 4, 2009

Matt Frewer

Watch Matt Frewer in ALICE

He’s as mad as a box of frogs!

Our Matt Frewer stars with grown-up Alice (Caterina Scorsone) and Queen of Hearts (Kathy Bates) in the mini series Alice premiering this Sunday and Monday evenings. Alice offers a modern take on Lewis Carroll’s novels. Alice finds herself in a futuristic Wonderland and when the Queen kidnaps her she seeks an ally in the White Knight (Frewer), a character from Through the Looking Glass.

Frewer says, “He’s a knight of old, and the knights in this version have died off so he’s the one remaining crusader who will champion Alice’s cause. That’s the idea. He’s actually gone mad, as a result of too much time on his own. He’s a cross between Don Quixote, Baron von Munchausen and the Cowardly Lion; he’s mad as a box of frogs!”

Frewer adds that the “Wonderland” atmosphere extended past work. “We had a wonderful time doing it. It’s a fantastic piece to work on, and we’re just very grateful.”

Alice premiers on Showcase and SyFy Channel this Sunday:

Night One:
Sunday December 6
On SyFy Channel at 9 pm
On Showcase at 8 pm

Night Two:
Monday December 7
On SyFy Channel at 9 pm
On Showcase at 8 pm