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January 21, 2010

Magda Apanowicz stars in CAPRICA

“Be sure to watch our own Magda Apanowicz in the new series CAPRICA, premiering Friday January 22nd @ 9pm EST/6pm Pacific, on Space”



Click here to read Magda’s Interview with The National Post


January 19, 2010


Award-winning artist William B. Davis is a longstanding “Lucas” client who will always be remembered as one of TV’s favourite villains, “Cancerman” from THE X-FILES. In addition he has numerous other stage, film and television credits including guest roles in new series’ CAPRICA and HUMAN TARGET plus the upcoming feature BEHEMOTH

Here is a great article that should be of interest to all clients in regards to the looming HST tax. There are many issues and questions about how the tax will actually be applied (for example what happens when you work out of province or what happens with clients who are represented by Lucas Talent, but who live out of province?)…and will registration be mandatory or optional?(presently for GST you are not obliged to register until you earn more than 30K a year). At this time, the draft legislation to implement the HST in Ontario and BC has not yet been passed, and answers to many of our questions are not available. But while we await direction on these and other fronts, we know many of our clients are concerned about what it all will mean, so we are happy to offer Bill’s informed opinion on the subject…take it away Bill!


How does the HST benefit an artist? The same way the GST does. The only person who should pay the GST and soon the HST in our business is the audience. It is a consumption tax paid by the consumer.

So – if you have a GST number – and soon an HST number – and you should have a number regardless of your earnings – here is how it works:

In the course of pursuing our business we incur expenses: wardrobe, travel, agent’s fees, publicity, professional development etc. Currently we are charged GST on these expenses. We are charged PST also on goods but not services. Soon the PST will be added to services as well as goods and so we will be charged a 12% Value Added Tax on all of these purchases.

When we work we collect GST and soon HST from our employers. This amount is in addition to our fee and since the employer can recoup the cost they have no problem in paying it. We are required to submit this money to the government; it is a tax we have collected on their behalf.

BUT the key point is that we can then deduct the HST (formerly the GST) that we paid on our expenses from the amount we remit to the government.

Under the old system we simply had to eat the PST on our expenses but now we will be able to claim it back against our earnings.

And the even better part is that if we spend more on GST/HST than we collect in earnings the government sends us a cheque!

Essentially what the new system means is that we will no longer be out of pocket for PST on any business related expenses. Good for us.

But to benefit from this system you have to have a number – easy to get – and file – easy to do – either annually or quarterly.

And for historical interest, membership in the European Common Market requires member states to have a Value Added Tax of at least 15%. The HST is not some evil thought up by the neo cons, it is a normal tax in the modern world.

What would be truly tragic for our business would be if Ontario adopts the HST and BC doesn’t. More film business would move to Ontario as the HST is such a benefit to business. Producers have already said they will move should that happen.

January 19, 2010



OKOKOK…I need to accept that I may have to park my fat ass in front of the TV and watch the Olympics because we may be dead until March…there I have said it…now…no RANT this month and HOW ABOUT A LITTLE GOOD NEWS FOR 2010


USA Director’s Guild honours three Canadians-The DGA have nominated James Cameron (AVATAR) and Jason Reitman (UP IN THE AIR) for 2009 Outstanding Directional Achievement in a Feature Film. Fellow Canuck Norman Jewison will be awarded their highest honour, a Lifetime Acheivement Award.

Leno Moving Back to Late Night-Leno’s move to 10PM had sucked up five hours of primetime network television that was scripted drama. This cost cutting NBC experiment did not work, Jay was still in 4th place (of the networks) and his 10PM ratings were weaker even that their shows in the same slots last season…now NBC is not going to turn out and make five “LAW AND ORDERS” but it does leave a five hour prime time crater, ripe to be filled with scripted dramas. (Even their bad ones last year rated 30% higher than Leno; albeit his show had a much lesser budget)

Series Renewals – STARGATE UNIVERSE has been renewed with a full order for Season 2…SANCTUARY has been picked up for another season. We hear through the grapevine that the pilot PREPPED has been picked up to go to series here. Don’t be surprised if the Vancouver shot CW shows get picked up – they make a lotta dough for that network!

Meg Liberman who does LA casting for CBS/CW Network told me that she expects ALL their series work will be coming to Canada this year…GREAT news, but let’s hope we get a little tax credit help from the BC Liberals so Ontario does not get it ALL.

Vancouver shot ALICE had the second highest ratings ever for SyFy (next to Nick Willing’s other Vancouver shot mini series TIN MAN). Watch for more projects coming from Reunion and Willing this spring!

Homegirl/Homeboy success – Our Madga Apanowicz, represented by Debbie Mahood, is one of the stars of CAPRICA (the new BATTLESTAR GALACTICA prequel) that has its Canadian premiere on SPACE January 22nd. Although the shows boasts veteran stars like Esai Morales and Eric Stoltz, creator David Eick says that the series “hinges on the performers playing the teenagers, Magda and Alessandra Toresani”…and how great to see Vancouver actors, Cory Monteith and Patrick Gallagher chewing it up on the hit series GLEE!

Stuart Aikins is feeling pretty warm and fuzzy about 2010 and says that he expects March to be a very busy month…He has been approached about many projects that look like they are coming our way plus he will be casting a new series TOWER, and EUREKA has been renewed for another season.

Coreen Mayrs reports that she also feels it will be very quiet until the end of the first week of March. That said, in recent conversations with various LA studio execs she believes it will heat up considerably afte