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February 28, 2011


Our Fiona Forbes took the top spot in the WE 14th annual Readers’ Poll!

Savvy readers of WE, Vancouver’s urban weekly, named Forbes the #1 television personality and she also graces the cover of this prestigious edition! The WE headline exclaims…”You like her. You really like her”. And if you’d like to see more…don’t forget you can watch Fiona every day with her partner in crime Mike Eckford on URBAN RUSH, which was also recognized this year by WE as Vancouver’s #1 show! Fiona and Mike serve up the best dish, repartee, fashion, sports, foodie and celeb check-ins! And if you would like even more…did you know you can hire Fiona and Mike to host your event to make it a true evening to remember! Contact Eric Edwards for more details!…and Congratulations Fiona!