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April 19, 2011

Family Matters: Surviving the Bipolar Journey

Mary M. Frymire directs Mars Entertainments’ documentary Family Matters: Surviving The Bipolar Journey, following four families struggling to help loved ones with this devastating mental illness.  The stark and moving reality is that when one member of a family has a mental illness, every member of the family is at risk themselves of depression, suicide, or other disorders.  The inspired truth is that while these families fight, often alone, to stay together, amidst crushing depressions and terrifying manic highs, they show us the true meaning of love and family.


Mary Frymire is an award winning director with more then 25 years of experience.  She has developed, directed and produced documentary and dramatic projects in over 50 countries working fluently in four different languages. Specializing in issue oriented, documentary-based subjects, she draws on her cross-cultural experience when developing and directing character-driven, visually evocative, films that tell compelling stories. Mary has a very personal connection to this story: both her mother and sister suffer from Bipolar Disorder.

In support of the Canadian Mental Health Association’s “Mental Health Week”, FAMILY MATTERS will be premiering on Knowledge Network on MAY 3rd, at 9PM

Click here to watch the trailer and find out more about this film.