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November 27, 2014


Some of Lucas Talent’s stars of tomorrow have shown that their careers are already off to an impressive start.  If this year’s inaugural Joey Awards are an indication, “the kids are alright” (we almost used that title for this article).  Here are some quick-hit highlights of what the kids have been up to lately.

Joshua J Ballard just returned from the LA premiere of Disney’sPANTS ON FIRE.  As one of the leads in the movie, he was there to help promote the film and celebrate its release.

Rhys Bond worked on the Lifetime MOW, BEHIND THE HIT: THE UNAUTHORIZED, UNTOLD STORY OF SAVED BY THE BELL and was a Joey Awards winner for his work on that movie.  Hours after receiving his award in Vancouver, he was on a flight to Toronto, having just been cast in a recurring role on the Hallmark series THE GOOD WITCH.

Rustin Gresiuk has had an amazing year, booking a supporting lead on the independent feature SUSPENSION and then a lead role in the Rainmaker pilot REBOOT.  He followed that up by landing the lead role in the movie for television PAPER ANGELS,which has had 1.5+ million viewers and ranks as the #1 original movie on UP this year.  Together with Matthew Settle of GOSSIP GIRL fame, Rustin spent a recent weekend in Nashville at the premiere celebrating the movie’s success.

Karissa Ketter won the Joey Award for Best Actress in a Short Film(Ages 9-10) for her role in DAISIES.

Mitchell Kummen won a truckload of Joey Awards for his individual and ensemble work onHallmark’s WHEN CALLS THE HEART, for his recurring role on the CW’s THE TOMORROW PEOPLE and the web series TIME TREMORS. Mitchell has just returned from LA where he attended the premiere of HORNS in which he starred as the younger version of Daniel Radcliffe.

Leo Award nominee Nick Purcha who already has one series lead on his resume (SPOOKSVILLE) will be seen in early 2015 as a recurring guest star on the CW’s iZOMBIE.  Nick plays Evan, the younger brother of series lead Rose McIver (ONCE UPON A TIME).

Quinn Van De Keere won the 2014 L.A. Young Artist Award and a JoeyAward, both for THE CHRISTMAS COAT for Best Young Actor in a Live Theatre Performance

Will Verchere is a Joey Award winner for his work on SyFy’s CONTINUUM.  He also recurs on the TV series WHEN CALLS THE HEART (Hallmark) and THE GIRLFRIENDS GUIDE TO DIVORCE(Bravo).



November 19, 2014

Richard’s Rant NOV 2014


So at the big staff meeting last week I was told it was long overdue for a fresh rant and I have the perfect topic to unleash!!!  Watch out…the beast has been unleashed…

Have you seen the latest “winners”, ”losers” and “on the bubble” reports about the new season of TV shows? I was plum tickled to see GRACEPOINT in the loser column.  Now, I like David Tennant.  I actually loved him as Doctor Who and I do have a friend on the show, but this series pisses me off!  It is almost 2015 people and can’t we be past the point where we get all grateful and sucky when some American TV network rips off a brilliant British product and then shoots it in beautiful BC while we masquerade as being Northern California ? !!!

Tennant starred in the UK limited series BROADCHURCH.  It is simply some of the most arresting & compelling television I have ever seen… period.  So why does FOX not just buy and broadcast this awesome programming?  Well, by getting the rights and making their own damn version I guess they are hoping it has an afterlife that will make THEM money; not future sales going back to the original UK producer.  Guess what? Looks like your poor copycat of a show is about to get cancelled, and I say…”karma is a bitch”.   Now, I am not going to get pissed at star David Tennant.  The actors on Brit-TV make crap money compared to US actors in US shows, so more power to him for wanting to make some real money and to break into the US market. But here’s what really makes me crazy:  lots of people and the press in Victoria (where it is shot) are star struck and happy that their beautiful city is masquerading as the USA with a bunch of actors that are not from Victoria in a series ripped off from the Brits.  Me, I am just pissed, but even more grateful to shows like MOTIVE (yes the disclaimer is our wonderful client Louis Ferreira is one of the leads).  Even though it airs on a US network, it proudly features Vancouver, BC, Canada, and wait for it… evens CALLS the city Vancouver.  One more thing…  don’t cry “hypocrite” when the new series OLYMPUS starts to air and you call me out cause I am not bitching about Mission masquerading as ancient Greece!  It’s completely another matter and of course has NOTHING to do with the fact that we have TWO stars on that show !