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November 6, 2015


and our clients are in the perpetual holiday spirit… Yule love our list of who shot what in 2015!

It’s early November. The baristas are stocking the shelves with red cups, the mega retailers are playing holiday standards over tinny speakers and you’re extremely irritated because your pumpkin is still rotting on the porch and you’ve barely made a dent in your Halloween candy.

Yes of course it’s too early to talk Christmas, but in this month’s blog we don’t look ahead at the looming holiday. Instead we look back at the year that was for filmed-in-Vancouver Christmas movies and the clients who shot them!

April: Mitchell Kummen and Maggie Estrada worked on the WWE/FOX feature SANTA’S LITTLE HELPER.

May: Lee Tichon and Casey Dubois respectively shot Hallmark’s ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS and A CHRISTMAS TO REMEMBER.

June: Casey Dubois and Frank C. Turner worked on UP TV’s A FAMILY FOR CHRISTMAS. Ayva Branzei shot Hallmark’s CHRISTMAS CONFESSIONS.

July: Christina Jastrzemska and David Bloom shared the screen on another Hallmark movie, JUST IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS. Sheri Rabold shot GIFTWRAPPED.

August: Graeme Duffy shot Lifetime’s SANTA’S GIFT. Sheri Rabold, Devina Briggs, Amitai Marmorstein and Kurt Evans were a qradruple-threat in DASHING THROUGH THE SNOW.

September: Candice May Langlois and Barclay Hope lit up the screen in THE CHRISTMAS ANGEL. Barclay kept it going later in the month with THE CHRISTMAS NOTE. Both movies belong to Hallmark, as does THE MAGIC STOCKING, directed by our David Winning.

And what would the holiday season be without some theatre to close out the year. Jennifer Lines will star in IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE at the Arts Club and Cate Richardson will appear in YELLOWPOINT CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR 2015, in Courtney.

There won’t be any humbugging from us. Here’s hoping Santa brings us more Christmas movies for next year with lots of fun roles for our clients… especially from the big Hallmark movie shop!